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My name is Sayma Shahely Chowdhury, given by my father, Late Md. Mesbahuddin. And Shiuly to my best friends. I was born in 1975, Dhaka , Bangladesh. Now I live in Dhaka with my family. 

Now  I  am  working  as a  Web Programmer  in  an  well  known  portal 
named Limited . And wants to be a good programmer. For that I completed two years diploma course from NIIT.

But the most interesting things is from my childhood I wanted to be a good doctor. When I  told this to my family and my friends, they started to call
me  doctor  that  time. But my hope went in vain. Because I was not a so
good student to be a doctor. So could not be a doctor. That time I thought it was my badluck.

But I wanted  to  be something. So my brother (Maruf hasan) advised me
to learn computer, after  finishing  my  B.A  degree  in 1994.  I astonished 
how  can  I  learn  computer  who  couldn't  be a  doctor.  But  my  brother
encouraged  me and  he admitted me to a well known computer training
center named Bhuiyan Academy. From there I took 1 year diploma. And
then I admitted to NIIT

We  are  one  brother  and  two  sister.  My  father  was  an  Assistant
Commissioner of Police. He was so nice person ever I have seen in my
life.  I love him very much.

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